News and Notes

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Distributor Orders:

High End Technology (HET): Static

JP Hobby: Order placed due mid December

E-Jets: Order placed and due any time (posted 11/25/21)

RBC Kits: Can't place orders until mid January due to balsa shortage.

Schubeler: Order placed and due early January


RBC Kits- Due to the international balsa shortage (caused by the production of windmill generator blades which are made out of balsa) RBC Kits will not be able to produce any kits until at least the middle of January.  We are hopeful that in January FJU will be able to place orders with RBC Kits to replenish our stock.

Posted 11/25/2021

Major Decals- Fan Jets USA has learned that Industrial Etching the parent company of Major Decals has been sold.  The new owner has no plans to continue production of Major Decals.  Fan Jets USA has placed our final and large order to hang onto stock as long as we can.  Once our stock runs out it will not be replenished.

Posted 11/25/2021