Product Videos

RC Lander Straight Electric Oleo Retracts offer simplicity and ease of operation. Plug in to a retract port on your receiver and done. These retracts are designed for jets like the F9F Panther, Cougar, F-15, Hawker Hunter. The retracts come straight down out of the fuse or wing.

Get an insight on the Jetapult as we show one our clips on one session of testing. The results of this test are now integrated in to the new Jetapult, Version 2.0. The HET Super Sniper was launched and no power was applied upon launch. This truly shows the power and effectiveness of the Jetapult.

This is a video of the 90mm JP Hobby 6s Metal blade edf unit. It operates on a 6S lipo.

Fast easy way to launch EDF Jets, developed by Fan Jets USA. The Jetapult available now at

Fan Jets USA's Jetapult Launcher putting RC Lander's F9F-2 Panther in the air. Panther features a HET 2W motor, 54 amp esc with a 4s 3700 mAh Li-Po.

RC Lander shows off the lighting system with afterburner in the F-16. The F-16 series and lighting kit is available through Fan Jets USA.

A fast easy way to set up and launch edf jets.

This is a test video on the Taiwan Tornado 70mm 10 blade edf unit.