Bavarian Demon Cortex Advanced Flight Control System

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Manufacturer: Bavarian Demon
Manufacturer’s Product Number: BD-CORTEX
Condition: New


The fixed-wing aircraft gyro system CORTEX enables you to fly your airplane and stay safe, even under worst wind conditions. The approved Bavarian DEMON 3-axes stabilization technology corrects any roughness in flight, every 0,002 seconds, and therefore results in total ease, stability and precision.

No matter if parkflyer, 3D acro model, scale war birds or turbine jet: it’s versatility turns the CORTEX into the ultimate all-rounder in the market!

Thanks to the “Ready-to-Run” feature, the CORTEX is immediately set up and ready to go. Simply teach in the travels, functions and mixer via a quick stick input procedure, and go fly. Additional tuning options are available via software, using your PC or laptop.

Another specialty of the CORTEX fixed-wing gyro are it’s 5 independent servo channels, which can be used for any function setup, like e.g. 2 ailerons, 2 elevator and one rudder, or even a setup using 4 ailerons and one elevator.

High-quality, reliable and universally ready for use – this is how they have long been known everywhere, the extra class under the gyro systems for fixed-wing aircraft.

The tried and tested Bavarian DEMON 3-axis stabilization technology makes flying even in wind or gusts to a child’s play. The sensors from the gyro adjust every 0.002 seconds unevenness in flight behavior, ensuring absolute peace, stability and precision.

The gyro systems are used universally for all types of remote-controlled fixed-wing airplane, from the Parkflyer to 3D-Acromodels to the scale war birds or turbine jets.

For the basic setup there is no PC necessary, the gyros are immediately ready for use. The one-time learning of the control functions, the servo travel and if necessary, the mixer settings, is carried out in a simple and quick learning process via the joystick – ready to go! It also supports a variety of standard serial reception systems as well as all current surface and control units, including delta, V-tails, canards and thrust vector control.

Important properties:

  • Fixed-wing gyro systems “Made in Germany”: Certified quality accredited by ISO 9001
  • Proven 3-axis stabilization technology: Absolute precise control corrections by wind or gusts
  • Usage of high quality materials: Silicon MEMS gyros on gold-plated circuit board CNC-milled aluminum housing
  • Configuration without software: Additional tuning options via software and USB cable possible
  • Software / Firmware for free: Future-proof due to online updates
  • Suitable for all RC pilots of any learning level: Beginners, advanced and professional
  • Universally applicable: From parkflyer over 3D-acromodel up to scale war birds and turbine jets.


  • Approved 3-axis stabilization technology: Made in Germany (ISO 9001)
  • Immediately „Ready to Run“: Quick setup via radio, no computer necessary
  • Additional tuning options: via USB cable and PC or laptop
  • Enhanced compatibility: Supports up to 5 independent servo channels
  • Universal application: no matter if Parkflyer, 3D acro model or turbine jet
  • Enhanced versatility: compatible with numerous serial receiver protocols (Futaba S.BUS (input), up to 2 Spektrum/JR satellites and all PPM serial
    signals like with Jeti, Graupner, etc.)
  • Future-proof due to online updates: Free software & firmware available


  • Dimensions: 36 x 34 x 14 mm
  • Supply voltage: 4-10 V (2S-LiPo-compatible, min. 5.5V using Spektrum/JR satellites)
  • Max. roll & pitch rotational speed: 500°/s
  • Max. tail rotational speed: 650°/s (typical)
  • Servo frame rate: 55Hz / 220Hz select able
  • Tail servo output: 1.520µs / 760µs select able
  • Maximum servo currents: Total 10A (continuous load)
  • Weight: approx. 18g (without cable loom)
  • Length of connecting cables to receiver: 90 mm


  • CORTEX sensor unit
  • Mounting pads
  • Cable loom to receiver
  • Jumper for programming
  • QuickStartGuide

IMPORTANT NOTE: Software- and Firmware updates for free download under: Software/Firmware

+ Click here to the setup-videos

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CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in

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