Flex Innovations Twin Otter 80E Super PNP



Item #: FPM5070A
Manufacturer: Flex Innovations
Manufacturer’s Product Number:  FPM5070A
Condition: New


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Pre-Order a one of a kind twin electric plane.  The first shipment with arrive in early fall.  Pre-order now to ensure that you get the Twin Otter 80e Super PNP in your hangar.

Welcome to the thrilling world of STOL (short takeoff and landing) and unlimited flight capabilities. Flex Innovations brings the Twin Otter to life with its beautiful scale lines, creating a true-to-scale presence both in the air and on the ground with Flex’s aerobatic enhancements. Prepare to soar to new heights with the Twin Otter’s remarkable capabilities, from slow STOL flight and light 3D aerobatics to mind-blowing pinwheels, 720-degree stall turns, torque rolls in either direction and much more! From beginner to expert and from scale to 3D enthusiasts, the Twin Otter 80E is sure to captivate any aviation enthusiast.

The Twin Otter is equipped with the Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System, which is today’s most sophisticated stabilization system, delivering an unmatched flying experience. Featuring Flex’s latest Aura firmware, the Twin Otter comes with a differential thrust to offer crazy yaw authority and unleash aerobatics never seen before with a twin-propped airplane. Additionally, the motor gain is applied to the motors, enabling the pilot to unleash the smooth, predictable, and precise flight of the Twin Otter without any interference to pilot inputs. The Twin Otter’s stock Aura 8 program also features built-in flap programming as well as Live-Wing and Crow! Thanks to the preconfigured Aura 8 program, the Twin Otter only requires an 8-channel transmitter. The Aura 8 system works with any known transmitter and receiver, requiring only a quick connection to your receiver to get you flying. Out of the box, the Aura is pre-programmed with three Flight Modes (Low Rate, Gyro Off – Low Rate, Gyro On – High Rate, Live-Wing, Gyro On), giving you the option to choose how you want to fly.

A single 6s 5200mAh – 6200mAh LiPo battery sits on a removable battery tray, powering the counter-rotating Potenza 40 550KV motors swinging 14×6 propellers and are coupled with genuine 60-amp HobbyWing ESCs to create a simple and efficient power system. Despite the massive size of the airframe, with a 90″ wingspan, the Twin Otter 80E assembles and disassembles quickly and easily with removable wings and stabs, breaking down into a much smaller and transportable package. Additionally, the optional wing bags allow you to protect the wings while leaving the props and spinners attached, further enhancing the ease of assembly and disassembly, while protecting from “hangar rash”. The Twin Otter features a hollow internal structure and incorporates plywood and carbon fiber in key locations. The innovative plywood sub-structures secure BOTH power systems to the wing tube, allowing both motors to operate smoothly even at high power and allowing the airframe to remain rigid during tumbling maneuvers. Because the Otter uses EPO foam it remains tough and repairable.

The Twin Otter 80E also accepts optional lighted floats without compromising its flight capability, adding even more versatility. The Night Version of the Twin Otter includes internally mounted and pre-installed LEDs in the fuselage, wings, and tail, creating a stunning illuminated effect from the inside while the fin-mounted spotlights illuminate the Twin Otter’s tail from the exterior, allowing the airplane to be flown at dusk, dawn, and even during the darkest hours of the night.

With hundreds of designs, World F3A and Freestyle Champion Quique Somenzini has maximized capability while retaining simplicity with the Twin Otter. It takes less than one hour to assemble out of the box and remains quick to assemble at the field. In the air, the Twin Otter delivers a locked-in feel, stability, precision, power, and unprecedented maneuverability that will leave you with an everlasting smile on your face!

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  • Super Light wing loading for Super Incredible handling
  • Scale lines including imitation windows bring the majesty of scale looks with an unlimited flying experience!
  • HUGE flight envelope from STOL flight to light 3D!
  • Capable of CRAZY pinwheels, 720-degree stall turns, torque rolls in either direction, and more!
  • Advanced Aura 8 AFCS featuring differential thrust and differential yaw motor gain
  • Less than 1 hour of assembly time
  • Removable battery tray to get you back in the air faster
  • Huge top hatch for easy battery and equipment access
  • Large flaps for stunning short take-offs and landings
  • Large control surfaces for excellent maneuverability
  • Hollow EPO foam wing with internal wood and carbon fiber structure
  • Two-piece wing and removable stabs for easy transportation and field assembly
  • The innovative plywood sub-frame connects the motor securely to the fuselage while providing superior battery mounting and cooling.
  • Accepts a single 6s 5200-6200 LiPo battery
  • Float-ready airframe for easy addition of optional floats
  • Six DS34 metal gear digital servos for ailerons, elevators, rudder, and flaps
  • One DS15 metal gear digital servo for nose gear steering
  • Rudder and elevator servos mounted in the tail for precise control
  • TWIN counter-rotating Potenza 40 size 550Kv motor offers astonishing power.
  • TWIN genunine HobbyWing 60A ESC’s with 1-SBEC
  • TWIN counter-rotating wood 14 x 6″ Flex props for awesome grip at all speeds
  • Pin-Style hinges offer freer movement and great reliability
  • Custom control horns for optimized throw and precision
  • All linkages use ball links for secure yet precise control
  • Factory applied trim scheme



  • Twin Otter float set with struts, water rudder servo, and night LED lights
Length: 74.25″ (1886 mm)
Wingspan: 90.0” (2286 mm)
Weight: 10 lb 3 oz. (4660 grams) with 6s 5200mAh
Wing Area: 1120 sq. in (72.3 sq. dm.)
Channels: 6+ (7 if switching night LED)
Battery: 5200-to- 6200 6S 40C
Flight Time: 5 to 7 minutes depending on the flying style on a 6s 6200mAh.




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CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 12 × 12 in
Day Or Night Version

Day Version, Night Version