Whether your new to edf's or a veteran, save time and stress by having the Fan Jets USA Crew perform various installation tasks such as soldering the gilt connectors to the motor,  mounting the motor into the edf unit, or both.  The crew will check the balance of the edf unit and adjust it if necessary.  The edf units that we do carry come dynamically balanced from the factory.

Soldering service: $19.99

Brushless Motors: Save time with the soldering of the bullet/gilt connectors to the motor option.  The motor and gilt connectors must be purchased from Fan Jets USA.

Electronic Speed Controls: The soldering service also applies to electronic speed controls (esc's) where the Fan Jets USA Crew will solder on battery connectors and bullet/gilt connectors to the esc.  The esc and connectors must be purchased from Fan Jets USA.

Items can not be sent to Fan Jets USA for soldering service.

Motor and Heat Sink Installation: $39.99

Installation of the motor into edf unit.  The edf unit and motor must be purchased from Fan Jets USA on the same invoice as the edf motor assembly service.

Installation of the heat sink. If the motor comes with a heat sink it will be installed and secured with a couple of drops of epoxy.  It is strongly encouraged to purchase Arctic Silver Thermal Grease for heat sink installation.  Must be purchased on the same invoice as the products.

Optional Service: Soldering of bullet connectors onto brushless motor for $14.99 if purchased with edf unit and motor installation.  Must be purchased as an option at the time of placing an order.  The gilt/battery connectors to be installed onto the motor need to be purchased in the same order.

Please Note:  EDF assembly service is only offered on new edf units, motors, and accessories purchased from Fan Jets USA.  This service is not available on items already in the customer's possession.  Once the assembly is initiated the order can not be canceled or items returned.

The general lead time is two business days.  Once the order is placed please allow this time before the order is processed and shipped out.  This includes overnight or expedited shipping.  The expedited shipping holds true for the shipping time not on the edf assembly service.

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