JP Hobby 90mm 1250KV 10S EDF



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Item #: JPH-90-12-1250
Manufacturer: JP Hobby
Manufacturer’s Product Number: JPH-90-12-1250
Condition: New


The JP Hobby 90mm 10S 12 Blade Metal EDF offers great durability with a metal fan unit that offers excellent performance.

All JP Hobby fans and motors are test run at the factory to ensure that they are in proper operating manner before being shipped out. The fans are put through a series of tests to ensure that they are operating as intended. Be sure to reference the instruction manual for proper motor and esc program settings.


The shroud acts as a heat sink, removing heat from the motor. The motor and fan unit comes assembled and balanced from the factory. This design creates a more efficiently running motor and will provide peak performance while extending the lifespan of the motor.

Jingpin Hobby uses High grade aluminum alloy material for highest rigid structure and lightest weight. The aluminum shroud body heat sink and design assures your motor will run cooler. The high rigid structure design is capable of running up to 88,000 RPM to produce extremely high efflux velocity for maximum speed and efficiency. The anti blade flying out design, keeps the blades be safely in the shroud and without damage to the aircraft. It is the best replacement for your plastic or carbon shroud if you want to have a safe EDF fan.  Each metal blade is precisely made of high grade aluminum alloy to generate jet airflow. Every blade has been tested for 8 hours of metal fatigue test as well as in the dynamic balance machine for calibration, making it a better and safer user experience for every edf fan.


Electronic Speed Control Notice:  The JP Hobby edf units have a high pole count in their motors.  It is strongly recommended to use Hobbywing or JP Hobby esc’s as they will provide better performance  than other esc’s that are designed for motors with lower pole counts.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 16 oz./ 455g
  • Rotor: 90.5 mm dia., 12-bladed
  • Outer Diameter: 94.5mm
  • Inner Diameter: 90.5mm
  • Length: 168mm
  • Inlet Ring Diameter: 110mm
  • Inlet Ring: Removable
  • Motor Kv: 1250Kv 6mm shaft diameter
  • Max efficiency: 90%
  • Recommended max. rotation speed: 75,600 RPM
  • Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 15°
  • Connections: Banana / PK 5mm (in place)

10S Li-Po Set Up:

  • RPM: 46,250
  • Kv Rating: 1250
  • Battery: 10s 37V
  • Watt: 3885W
  • Static Thrust: 10.75 lb./ 4.88kg(thrust) (Estimated)
  • Start: Soft
  • Timing: 12-15 Degrees
  • PMW: 12HZ
  • Watts: 3885 on a 10s 45c lipo
  • Amp Rating: 105HV amp esc or higher

Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 12 Degrees

Customer Testimony:


Thanks for your fast response. The JP’s scream. 

The A-10 moves like a bat out of HELL.

The Change Sun craps are what they are. CRAP.

What a Difference…

Thanks again.

Ricardo Fuentes.

P.S. You may put this in your site. Quality is quality. Crap is crap. You are above the rest.

Thanks a mill.

Ricardo Fuentes

WARNING: Operating the motor outside of the specifications listed above can either damage the motor, battery or esc. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so can void the warranty. It is strongly encouraged to use a Watt Meter to test the watt and amp performance when setting up a new system. If the output is above the factory recommended specs, then it needs to be adjusted by the esc. The timing and throttle settings on the esc can help to set the appropriate levels.

Insurance Note:  Fan Jets USA recommends the purchase of shipping insurance. If insurance is not purchased and the package is lost or damaged, the most that can be claimed with the USPS and awarded to the purchaser (shipment recipient) is $50.00.  Fan Jets USA is not responsible for reimbursing the purchaser the difference of an order of any amount.  Shipping charges are not included in an insurance claim per USPS guidelines.

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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