RC Ducted Fan Units

We have RC ducted fan units currently in stock and ready to be shipped directly to you so that you can spend more time flying and less time waiting for your components to arrive.

At Fan Jets USA, we carry a large assortment of detailed EDF fan units. If you’re unsure of what EDF fan units are and how they relate to RC aircraft, allow us to explain.

What are ducted fan units?

EDF stands for electric ducted fan. A ducted fan is an air moving arrangement whereby a mechanical fan, which is a type of propeller, is mounted within a cylindrical shroud or duct. Typically made from carbon reinforced nylon with top end units made from carbon fiber or aircraft-grade aluminum.

There are many reasons why RC ducted fan units are favorable. They’re simply more efficient and can accelerate at a greater rate than conventional propellers. For further details about a particular product, reach out to our team of knowledgeable staff today.

We offer motor installation services into EDF units! Contact us for more information!