RBC Saab J29 Tunnan 90mm Kit

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RBC Saab J29 Tunnan 90mm Kit

The Saab J29 Tunnan was a single-seat, single-engine transonic aircraft and first-generation jet fighter. It was a small aircraft with a single central air intake placed at the nose, a bubble cockpit and  thin sweptback wings. It was the very first Western European design to have a swept wing layout of 25 degrees rearward, incorporating many of the latest technologies of the time. Saab obtained access to WWII German studies involving swept wings and their positive effects in regards to speed in Switzerland, and as a result, the J 29 Tunnan came to be similar to the German Luftwaffe’s Messerschmitt Me P1101 project.

The Tunnan achieved a top speed of 1035 km/h which made it one of the fastest aircraft in the world in 1950. The nickname: ‘Flying Barrel’ was coined due to the shape of the fuselage, which came to resemble the shape of a barrel due to the large cross section of the engine and the size of the engine itself with a tapered nose and aft section. The Tunnan’s ungainly and small appearance could be deceiving  however it was fast enough to set several world speed records and also had a very good agility. However, the aircraft proved challenging for inexperienced pilots. The 29 was comparable to its contemporaries: the US-made F-86 Sabre and the Soviet-made Mig-15.

The RBC J29 Tunnan is a moderate build kit and will create a great looking jet that will get attention at the flying field. The RBC kit features construction of balsa, plywood and abs plastic to make an easy to build/repair kit that has great flying characteristics.  The kit contains all parts cnc cut including all wood to finish the Hawker.  A large clear cad drawing with instructions is also included and a vacuum formed canopy, nose cone and gun cowls. It features a large top hatch for easy access to the battery and receiver area. Instructions are on a cd and built on a frame where the parts interlock for strength.  It features removable wings for easy transportation.

Does not come with decals, landing gear or hardware kit.

Click: RBC Kit Saab J29 Tunnan Instructions

Wingspan: 1420mm/ 55.9 Inches
Length: 1350mm/  53 Inches
Flying Weight: 4400g and up/ 9.7 lb.
Wing Area: 45.4 dm2



  • Ducted Fan: 90mm class fan unit- Jetfan 90, HET 9305, Wemotec Midifan, Schubeler DS-51, JP Hobby and others.
  • Brush less Motor: 90mm Class
  • Electronic Speed Control: Brush less
  • Retract Gear: Servo-less Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount x3  JP Hobby 005 oleo struts and JP Hobby 005 electric retracts or ER-120 retracts optional.  May require modification to the frame work.
  • Radio: 6ch for regular operation: Ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder, throttle, retracts (steering)
  • Servos: 6x 13g or higher with metal gears
  • Li-Po Battery: 6-8s recommended w/ 40C discharge rate or higher with 4,500-5,800mAh
  • Wheels: Nose wheel 50mm/ 2″ Inch, Main wheel up to 100 mm/ 4″ Wheel Max
  • 3 in Y Servo Connector-Retracts
  • 1 ft Red and Black Silicone Wire
  • Battery and Gilt Connectors, canopy closing,hinges ,horns ,small parts to your choice
  • CA and Epoxy glues
  • Servo Extensions- Ailerons (x2), Flap (x2), Rudder, Throttle, Retract, Elevator

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CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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